About BABA


Networking for Business Growth

British African Business Alliance Ltd is a limited company in UK that provides our members with a variety of products and services. 

We are a diaspora-led network building a membership and alliances to stimulate links between our members and contacts, so that we can accelerate the development of members' projects in Africa or the UK.


New Contacts, New Knowledge and the Opportunity of a Deal

Most importantly we are looking to create links between established business professionals through membership. That enables us to stimulate the growth of trust and confidence between professionals. Regular meetings, the development of real projects, the promotion of business opportunities and the careful management of the business development process all provide a platform to generate New Contacts, New Knowledge and the Opportunity of a Deal

The systems and techniques that we employ help to accelerate the process for the benefit of our members.


Close the deal - Join today

Run by a dedicated Management Team, made up of members, BABA operates in the best interest of its members. Transparency in its operations, clarity in its business objectives combines with professional business skills to help members to reach new levels of success in their businesses and careers. We work with you, as YOU drive your own project forward!